Levels of Testing

The software testing life cycle ranges from the earliest stages of development to the final execution phase when an application is released. No matter what stage your web or mobile application is in its development, the QArtrock team can provide full test coverage you can count on.

Unit or component testing helps developers build confidence in the changes and maintenance updates they make to small pieces of code by uncovering and fixing defects early on in the development process (which helps save money down the line).

The next level of testing after unit testing looks at how modules work together as a group in different interfaces and interactions. After passing Integration testing, we ready the software to be tested as an entire system.

System testing evaluates how your entire application functions as a whole and whether the product behavior meets the specified functional and non-functional requirements. We verify the data integrity of the finished application and our clients receive in-depth reports about its quality and efficiency.

Acceptance testing combines all interfaces and validates the entire system in regards to the business users themselves in preparation for release. QArtrock can provide both types of user/customer testing during this phase - Alpha, or internal testing, and Beta, or external testing.

Our Process

At QArtrock, our process has evolved from a commitment to transparency, quick communication, and user-focused development. Our quality assurance professionals combine decades of experience with industry best practices to help businesses around the World generate superior software products.

Clients Needs Initial Assessment

Analysis & Planning

Test Design & Test Execution

Results Analysis & Improvment

Reporting & Closer Activities

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