Automation & Manual Testing

Manual testing

Manual testing implies testing of a product manually by a human. Our Quality Assurance Specialists performing this type of testing ensure that the system is working properly by following conditions defined in test cases. The engineers evaluate the design, functionality, and performance of the application by clicking through various elements. Manual testing is helpful when automated testing is not possible.

Automation testing

Automation testing includes pre-scripted tests which run automatically to compare the actual results with the expected results. Such an approach helps to determine if the system performs as expected or it does not. Automation testing is extremely handy when performing repetitive and regression tests to ensure that the product works correctly after changes are executed. Automated tests are conducted with the help of tools, scripts, and software to perform pre-defined actions denoted in the test cases.

To optimize the cost and time required to successfully complete a project QArtrock will conduct the right combination of manual testing and automated testing to get the best results.

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