Software Testing and QA Services

We implement our thorough understanding of technology and business to provide solutions that align with our client’s business needs.

Our Quality Assurance aim is to help create quality products. It’s not just about defining bugs or about simple testing. The main objective of our work is to prevent defects, thus to ensure the quality of the development process and its results.

The earlier you test in the development cycle, the greater the impact on the final product is because you can catch and make corrections faster and more efficiently.

QArtrock Outsourcing Testing Services

Each service we provide offers an effective way to measure the quality of your product and take steps to improve it. Our software quality assurance services include:

Functional Testing

We test the software against the functional requirements or specifications

Web App Testing

By performing web-based applications testing, we make sure that the system is functioning properly and can be accepted by real-time users

Mobile App Testing

We make sure that every user of your mobile application has a great experience on any platform

Regression Testing

Regression testing is testing existing software applications to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t side effects on the existing functionalities

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is provided to endorse that the application runs properly in a particular environment that includes different browsers, database, hardware, operating system, mobile devices, and networks

Maintenance Testing

We conduct such testing during the enhancement stage or migration cycle of already deployed software to prove that no part of the system has not been affected by the maintenance work.

Performance Testing

This type of software testing is provided to understand if the software applications will perform well under their expected workload.

Usability Testing

This Testing evaluates ease of use of a product. We collect appropriate data and determine the users' satisfaction with the product.

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