QA Consulting

QArtrock’s QA Consulting preserves your product development budget from extra costs by providing essential information based on our comprehensive professional experience in software QA and testing.

QA Consulting Services

Software QA Consulting offered at QArtrock is provided to our clients by experienced Quality Assurance specialists in various specific testing areas. Our experts assist you in testing strategy development, applying all necessary testing technique and tools that would fit your product in the best way. We determine the basic requirements that the system must comply with, conduct a compliance check, identify weaknesses, provide recommendations for improving the system, identify risks, and help to prioritize their elimination.

Our QA consulting experts provide you with:

  • Product testing recommendations - a test plan for your project that helps you ensure its quality and success, a test strategy as a guide for your future testing needs.
  • Technical Recommendations - suggestions on tools and techniques for testing
  • Process improvement recommendations
  • QA engineer professional level development recommendations

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