Case Study 9

An online learning platform where are presented: trainings, lectures, seminars, courses, training programs, lessons, conferences, webinars, counseling, coaching, transformational games, distance learning, and many other online, video, live events and games from business coaches, coaches, psychologists, and other training market experts. The uniqueness of this platform is the ability to learn in different formats and from different countries at the same time.


On the start of business communication between QArtrock and the Client a set of challenges was created which contain the following:

As the platform is the product used in a few countries there was a need in the QA team which can provide not only Functional but also Localization and Internationalization testing. A product consists of two parts: Buyer site and Seller site. So the product team was looking for QA engineers with experience in testing online marketplaces. They required engineers experienced in this sphere because only they could fully understand app logic and goals. Also, the product contains a lot of personal info and payments data, so the QA team should be able to provide a high-level of accessibility testing. Another one requirement to QArtrock was to provide a team which can test Web and Mobile version of the product at the same time.


According to described above challenges QA team perform the next solutions:

QArtrock provided team separated on two sub-teams. The first one for Buyer site, second for Seller site. In each team engineer with experience in Internationalization and Localization testing was present. QA team also includes online marketplaces expert from customer side who help them to create a logical and flexible test strategy which was created according to all needs and goals of the clients company. Next one was creating of Test Plan. For this task were involved: lead Business Analysts of QArtrock, business experts from the customer side and also QA team. The goal was to create a Test Plan which should be flexible enough to include performance testing in time when it is needed. Process of testing began with Requirements analysis and creation and continued by the creation of all testing documentation, performing test procedures and executing them. After a few sprints were finished the Client decided to start performance testing of the application. This stage included analysis and preparing of performance requirements to application and Load and Stress testing of application;


QArtrock has reached the following results:

  • a full process of testing of the application was conducted, which included: Functional, Internationalization, Localization, Load, Stress and other types of testing
  • Created Test Strategy and Test Plan
  • A set of testing documentation: Requirements, Suite of Test Cases with 100% test coverage, Bug reports, Test Summary reports, Use-Cases, User stories.
  • Performance testing was planned, performed and provided, which contained Load and Stress testing of both application modules