Case Study 2

A Mobile Application providing matchmaking service. App quickly builds a rich profile for members which helps to find matches based on common interests and personalities compatibility.


A young company with a rather unstable product was in need of team experienced in mobile applications. They needed a complete and reliable testing process which includes testing on System and Acceptance levels.

As QArtrock was the first to provide Quality Assurance Services for the client, the creation of complete and effective testing strategy was required as well as a reactive approach which should include all risks characteristic for new and established products.

Taking into consideration the target audience and market, QArtrock team had to guarantee a full understanding of the goals and values of the product based client’s religious styles and traditions.

The product includes processing and usage of personal data, so QArtrock also provided accessibility testing according to product accessibility standards.


The testing strategy was created.

After the Testing Strategy was accepted by the client, QArtrock team created a scheduled Test Plan and started requirements analysis.

Taking into account that the product was quite unstable for holding Test Cases based testing, QA team create and described Checklists which were based on Requirements Specification and had 98% test coverage (2% covered payment app with restricted access).

Also, during the testing process, the QA team created a set of improvements for the product. Basically, improvements related usability of the product and logical interface structure.

After the short period of time, QArtrock started to perform Test strategy for Performance testing, on the client's request.


  • Effective and efficient Testing Strategy, which showed positive results and was upgraded by including Performance testing after the first sprints.
  • Requirements Specification which helped create and maintain test documentation during the all testing process.
  • test documentation which contains Test Plan, Checklists and other.
  • performance testing was conducted to identify and fix a number of performance issues.

By the end of working with QArtrock Client, it was possible to release the first stable version. Performance of the product was substantially improved. Steps to further cooperation were taken in the form of not only Manual and Performance but also and Automation testing.