Case Study 6

A web-based portal that facilitates student loan administration by providing a safe and secure way for the payment process. Includes an integrated solution for a company that offers perks to its employees.


The portal was already in production but lacked software testing as independent service as there was no dedicated QA team worked before. Besides solid testing for already existed functionality, the product needed reliable testing for upcoming features and software testing solutions for the expected integration with the largest provider of supplemental insurance.

Solution and results

To achieve the highest quality level possible, QArtrock team cooperated closely with the development team and business representatives:

  • The existed software development process was improved by adding software assurance phases
  • The requirements were tested before actual implementation to mitigate the risk of bugs
  • Each sprint testing was conducted on component and component integration phases as a part of the regression strategy
  • Transparency was established by constant communication with stakeholders and aligning the testing approach with the business priorities
  • As a result, the system was ready to release into production.