Case Study 7

An on-demand insurance platform for single items that empowers end-customers to protect individual items across the globe.

The app also helps people easily organize important information about the things they own and back it up to the cloud, so it’s accessible when needed.


The project aimed to move forward from scratch to a minimum viable product hastily. One of the most critical system's requirements was to customize for the client's needs efficiently and provide an adaptable solution for billing calculations. The platform had to be convenient enough to enable end-users to make their insurance decisions right from their mobile device. Apart from that, the system should run without flaws on most popular browsers installed on Windows and macOS. The platform MVP phase required a quick and effective solution in the quality assurance field to provide the highest quality and usability for the end-users.

Solutions and results

  • Quality assurance team was involved in projecting from it's very beginning to catch bugs on the earliest stages of development to save the project budget.
  • Flexible approach to quality control under changing requirements and environments.
  • Combinatorial testing guaranteed comprehensive test approach.
  • Test documentation fully covered all existed functionality to warrant clear and accurate scope of regression testing efforts.