Case Study 5

A company that develops highly-scalable extensible analytics and data science platform to help organizations modernize their analytics and information management, and broadly deploy new self-service capabilities to achieve their goals faster.


As the client was setting course from legacy part towards developing new innovative analytics platform, they needed solid and robust software testing process in place. New features included creating datasets by mixing different source types, data visualization, analytics & BI tools. Such kind of solutions required well-designed test algorithms and thorough verification.

Large regression testing scope for the legacy part was another area that needed optimization.

At the time, the company mostly used experience-based approach for software testing. QArtrock was the first Quality Delivering company for the client to work with. Therefore, a comprehensive and strategic decision was required to cover immediate needs and long-term goals.

Each component demanded its own approach. Some components needed reliable regression suite, others - to meet usability and accessibility standards. New feature components needed a creative exploratory approach to find major defects as soon as possible.


After the analysis phase, QArtrock testing team developed Test Strategy for manual and automation testing and offered a detailed scheduled plan for the testing effort.

By applying proper test design techniques, not only did QArtrock team assured that none of the critical use cases were missed but also minimized the number of unhandled edge cases.

Automation QA team created a flexible and scalable testing framework for cross-browser testing that would meet the specific requirements of the project. Test scenarios were created by Manual QA team in a way that allowed them to be easily automated, so the Automation team started implementing scripts right after the framework was in place.

The additional testing types were suggested and implemented - API, performance and security testing. Also, QArtrock engineers assisted in developing online technical guides for customers which served as high-level product documentation.

Testing efforts were effectively distributed among all the components to cover the risks and project needs.


Qartrock improved the development process and managed to establish reliable and transparent testing and delivery process:

  • A clear scope of work reflected in the test plan and scheduled results reporting
  • Comprehensive test coverage via Work Breakdown Structure and well-designed test scenarios
  • Traceable testing results where the defects were mapped to the corresponding test scenarios. This enabled instant detecting of the error-prone areas
  • Automated regression test suites were run nightly followed by an email to key stakeholders with a detailed report
  • Suite of automated and scalable API and performance tests