Case Study 1

A subscription software plugged in for CRM systems that helps teams build gorgeous and engaging intranets with no coding from their existing content systems


The company needed a quality assurance team experienced in the field of CRM, which was supposed to create all the necessary testing processes at the appropriate level. As the product is SAP-certified, the QArtrock team had to be able to analyze and consider the requirements set before it is done by SAP Certifier Center.

The Client presents its product as a solution for creating sites without coding and with a lot of instruments to work easily with. Thus, the team should be able to understand, evaluate and analyze the usability and intuitiveness of user interface. This helps to create improvements in product usage based on user and test engineer experience.

Considering the fact that QArtrock was the first company to provide test services for the Client, the cooperation required preparing and maintenance of the full testing process. From creating a testing strategy to maintenance all testing process included.


The testing process started from creating complete Testing Strategy, which was at that time flexible for future changes according to client's requirements. Also, QA team was provided with a set of lectures about SAP requirements to the product. Based on them a Test Plan was created which helped to eliminate many risks and to fully realize Testing Strategy.

After the Test plan was prepared and approved by the client, the QA team started working with requirements and created all the necessary documentation. A lot of efforts QA team devoted to creating Suite of Test Cases which ensured 100% test coverage for all modules of the product.

And since the product was rapidly developing QArtrock team provided Test Cases maintenance during all process of cooperation between companies.

Besides usual test processes like Bug reporting, Smoke, Sanity, Regression testing QA team also regularly provided reports with usability improvements which contributed to a more intuitive and usable product.


Сurrent results of cooperation

  • Created Testing Strategy
  • Created a specific Test Plan which helps to include and verify in the testing process all requirements to the product from SAP Certifier Center;
  • Created Suite of Test Cases with 100% test coverage.
  • Maintenance of Test Cases - an important and high-level organized unit of the testing process;
  • Regular improvements reporting, which helps to increase product usability and intuitiveness in short times.