About QArtrock

QArtrock provides QA services for the companies, by delivering quality to Software Products, saving time, cost and reducing business risks.
An independent team of experienced Software Engineers, who used their professional achievements to reach better Quality of Software Products and faster results in Software Development.

Client Benefits:

  • Independent System Assessment
  • Multi-faceted Testing Strategy
  • Established Testing Process
  • Personal Professional Team
  • Quality and Risks Control
  • 30-50% Budget Savings

QArtrock helps companies to:

  • Develop a multi-faceted Testing Strategy (Manual and Automation Testing)
  • Define the Weaknesses of the Software Products
  • Automate the Software Testing Processes
  • Prepare for Compliance and relevant Audit
  • Establish the Quality Management System

Goal: to reach the best Quality of the Software Product!

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