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Confidence is built when you deliver a product or service that consistently keeps up high quality. Software testing support from QArtrock fosters a “quality culture” that is critical to success.

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Founded in 2016 in Lviv QArtrock became an independent team of experienced Software Engineers, who use their professional achievements to reach better Quality of Software Products and faster results in Software Development.

QArtrock helps companies to:
  • Develop a multi-faceted Testing Strategy (Manual and Automation Testing)
  • Define the Weaknesses of the Software Products
  • Automate the Software Testing Processes
  • Prepare for Compliance and relevant Audit
  • Establish the Quality Management System

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Testing ERP Software

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QA in the healthcare industry

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Independent software testing

Software Testing Services

Our dedicated team of qualified software testing professionals ensures the difference between good and great product.

By performing web-based applications testing, we make sure that the system is functioning properly and can be accepted by real-time users

We make sure that every user of your mobile application has a great experience on any platform

We test the software against the functional requirements or specifications

This Testing evaluates ease of use of a product. We collect appropriate data and determine the users' satisfaction with the product.

Compatibility testing is provided to endorse that the application runs properly in a particular environment that includes different browsers, database, hardware, operating system, mobile devices, and networks

This type of software testing is provided to understand if the software applications will perform well under their expected workload.

Regression testing is testing existing software applications to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t side effects on the existing functionalities

We conduct such testing during the enhancement stage or migration cycle of already deployed software to prove that no part of the system has not been affected by the maintenance work.

This form of software testing uses scripted sequences that are executed by testing tools to validate that software functions appropriately and meets requirements before it is released into production.